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About HomeschoolInfocenter.net
Homeschool Infocenter is a new concept for homeschool web sites. Each local area has the information parents are looking for, such as a list of support groups, a calendar of events, places to visit, and links to useful web sites. But the local sites are also integrated with homeschool parents in your state, country and across the globe. Your local site becomes your window into the homeschooling world. As new discussion topics, web links, conference events and other resources are added at the state or national level they are visible to you as well - a concept I like to call "Think globally, think locally".

The Infocenter also restricts information to make it timely and relevant. Have you ever been to a site with support groups listed for your state and found that some of the groups listed were no longer active or were in another city across the state? Or sites that listed interesting events that have already taken place? On the Infocenter you only see groups, forum discussions, and links that are relevant for you. And events are removed from the calendar the day after they occur.

To ensure relevance to the local area, each local site is supported by a single primary contributor who works to keep the site fresh. The local area contributor sees that local events are added to the calendar and provides a local presence to ensure that the content makes sense for the area.

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The HomeschoolInfocenter.net site first began in 2005 as HomeschoolColumbus.com

In the spring of 2006 the site was completely re-written and moved to the HSers.net domain in preparation for providing access to additional communities.

Then, in the Fall of 2006, since it was not immediately obvious that HSers.net was short for HomeSchoolers.network, the site changed to the current name.

In September 1, 2007, Minocqua, WI became the first state to be added to the family of HomeschoolInfocenter.net local area sites.